Angel Earth - Rest Bath Soak

Angel Earth - Rest Bath Soak


100% Natural 'Rest' Herbal Bath Soak

Specifically designed to assist you in unwinding and enjoying a restful night's sleep. With Hops, Rose Petals, Lavender, Linden Flower, Chamomile and Blue Cornflower and frankincense and lavender oil-infused bath pebbles.

How to use: Each throwaway soak is used as like teabag; you just pop it in the bath under the hot tap, lay in the tub (with the soak) and enjoy the body pampering experience – gently squeezing the bag as required.

The benefits of herbal bathing: Reduces fatigue, rejuvenates skin, increases blood circulation, eases muscles, relaxes nerves, healing benefits, enhances mood.

Each experience includes a blend of luxurious body benefiting herbs as well as Angel Earth’s specially designed ‘bath pebbles’ containing pure essential oils and salts. Our homemade bath pebbles react when they touch the water and gently fizz dispersing the oil through the bath and create a cloud of heavenly scented steam.