Bathing Oil - Rest
Bathing Oil - Rest
Bathing Oil - Rest

Bathing Oil - Rest


A bath of calmness and comfort
  • Luxury natural bathing oil with essential oils to enhance wellbeing
  • Ylang ylang, cedarwood and bergamot relieve tension and anxiety
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Made with organic sunflower oil infused with Cornish sea buckthorn
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • 200ml bottle

Benefits: A nourishing oil blend with our vitamin-packed Cornish Sea Buckthorn infusion, woodsy Ylang Ylang, used to alleviate anxiety and to slow the heart rate, and earthy, spicy Cedarwood, a known anti-inflammatory to relieve tension and muscle hardness, combined to bring about perspective, relief and calm. 

Add a tablespoon or so to a full bath and swish to disperse. Climb in, sink down, and enjoy. 

Ingredients: Sunflower oil* infused with Cornish Sea Buckthorn; Almond oil*; Wheatgerm oil*; Ylang Ylang; Cedarwood*; Bergamot*/ Vitamin E

* organic 

Avoid in the case of known allergies to listed ingredients. Not suitable for those with nut allergies.