Diplo - Oak Box
Diplo - Oak Box
Diplo - Oak Box
Diplo - Oak Box
Diplo - Oak Box

Diplo - Oak Box


Diplo - Storage box in Oak.

It started with a simple problem: How do you store napkins?

 They are difficult to handle once they are unpacked, but with Diplo, they are perfectly arranged.

The designer, Baki Katsinis, quickly realised that many more possibilities were hidden in the skew box.

Baki Katsinis hopes that other people would want to contemplate the functionalities of his design and apply the same playful approach to Diplo as the philosophy from which it was created.

With Diplo, Baki Katsini’s wish was to create a design that was functional but also challenged the firmly locked form that a box usually has.

 When you put something in a box you want it to stay where it is. This is why the box itself holds a static form.

By dividing Diplo with a crooked cutting this unique utility item becomes dynamic and its two parts can be used individually and independently.

The crookedness makes the whole difference in this unique design.

Weight: 647 g

Width: 18 cm

Length: 18 cm

Height: 7 cm

Materials: Oak

Other materials: Plywood