Loofah - Scouring Pad

Loofah - Scouring Pad


Scouring pad made of 100% loofah. This plant is related to cucumber and zuccini. The Loofah is organically and sustainably cultivated in Spain. No spraying is used and irrigation is done using natural rain and recycled thermal water. During manufacture, no chemicals are used.


When the scouring pad is soaked, it becomes softer and larger. It works on all surfaces and will not scratch or destroy any material. It is ideal for use as a kitchen scouring pad or general scouring pad. The scoring pad lasts about 4-6 months depending on the use.

Clean the scouring pad by placing it in boiling water with mild washing-up liquid. Rinse it and let it air dry, use the handle. If it changes color or becomes too soft, it is time to put it on the compost.

Weight - 15 gram
Length - 12.5 cm
Width - 8.3 cm

Material - 100% natural loofah