Olle Large Tomte
Olle Large Tomte
Olle Large Tomte

Olle Large Tomte


Say hello to OLLE, the largest of our Swedish Tomte.

Swedish Tomte, also known as Nisse in Norway and Denmark, and Tonttu in Finland. Tomtar are shy, solitary, mischievous characters who protect and look after the farmsteads, animals and families.

Traditionally on Christmas Eve you should leave a bowl of porridge with a knob of butter out, to show your gratitude, respect and thanks for his hard work. 

Åsas Tomtebod was founded in 1993 in a small cottage in Örnaholm, Småland. Each Tomte is handmade with materials strictly from nature. Using the curly grey wool of the Gotland sheep along with warm water and soap, they create a felt that is then hand shaped into caps and noses. The beards are made from sheeps wool from Gotland and Iceland.

Each Tomte is unique with his own character - they love playing pranks and they just love to have their beards tickled!

Colour - Red hat/grey beard

Material - Hand felted hat, wool beard

Height - 80 cm

Variations may occur in colour and form of the beard, due to the natural wool.