Stockholm Aquatic Large Bowl
Stockholm Aquatic Large Bowl
Stelton Stockholm Aquatic Bowls
Stelton Stockholm Aquatic Collection

Stockholm Aquatic Large Bowl

£204.00 £240.00

Brand: Stelton

Aluminium and Cold Enamel Designer

• 40 x H11.7cm

Swedish designer duo Bernadotte & Kylberg have created an iconic series of timeless vases and bowls with bold, artistic patterns with cold enamel on organically shaped aluminium pans and vases.

The Aquatic Collection is inspired by the colours, surfaces and patterns found in the Swedish Archipelagos and the Baltic Sea throughout the year. The pattern is made using Indian ink on wet watercolour paper to bring out the serenity and the dramatic expression of the sea. A timeless quality to a collection of artworks that evoke emotions and enriches life.